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FluidSynth Wrapper for .NET

FluidSynth is a very powerful open-source synthesizer. Unfortunately for .NET developers, it is written in C and has a very large API, much too large for Platform Invoking each API. Therefore, the FluidSynth Wrapper for .NET wraps a large portion of the APIs in managed classes. Although it does not give access to every feature of FluidSynth, it does give access to the synthesizer, settings, and audio driver APIs in a very .NET style class library.


  • Synthesizer class for performing all audio synthesis
  • AudioDriver class for directly connecting a Synthesizer class to audio output
  • Settings class for setting up the Synthesizer and AudioDriver classes
  • Methods for capturing generated audio to a buffer.


You can get the latest release and source code for the FluidSynth Wrapper for .NET from its CodePlex project site.

CodePlex Project Site